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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care that allows children to feel safe

We believe that the closer the co-operation between parents and school, the greater the benefit for your child. This is why we operate an open door policy and, when combined with our strong family atmosphere, we operate on a basis of mutual trust with parents.

All staff are ready and willing to listen to children’s concerns, and our pupils know that they will be taken seriously. Your child will be well looked after, feeling part of the school community and be part of our encouraging, family atmosphere.

Our dedicated well-being room is a facility which provides children with the space they need to process any emotional difficulties they may be having.  Mrs Diamond is a trained practioner at our school who offers counselling and play therapy to children who may need support.

“Pupils feel safe. They are confident that there is someone in school they can go to for help if they need it.” (Ofsted 2016)