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A school culture that benefits all children

“They learn to understand and be tolerant of differences, including learning about a range of religions, and about the importance of democratic processes. They are well prepared for life in modern Britain.” (Ofsted 2016)

Our broad range of cultural experiences throughout the school further prepare your child for their academic life and beyond. Through experiencing different religious and social cultures on our school trips or from guest speakers, we aim to promote tolerance, understanding and curiosity.

We teach French from Little Denes, and so combined with elocution lessons, theatre trips, and music workshops, we ensure that your child is immersed in a culture which equips them with the skills to help them succeed in later life. This also has a huge impact on intellectual growth and your child’s cognitive development.

This combined means that we can further develop your child’s communication and emotional intelligence.

Children will have the opportunity to visit a range of religious places of worship, widening their understanding and tolerance of other beliefs.  This is a fundamental aspect of building and instilling British Values for our children.