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Elecution Cup

At Haddon Dene, every child has the opportunity to partake in LAMDA lessons which are delivered by Mrs Bourne. These lessons teach the children essential life skills such as how to communicate and listen effectively, how to interpret a piece of written work and convey the piece with meaning and clarity and of course the importance of body language when presenting.

Many of our children enjoy LAMDA as part of our extra-curricular offering. However, the Elocution Cup Competition provides every child with the opportunity to build upon their communication skills and develop a sense of confidence when speaking publicly. Naturally, this does take some children out of their comfort zone. However, all children showed resilience and a determination to take part, which is commendable.

Mrs Bourne said she had seen a dramatic improvement in confidence, attitude and etiquette since the last competition in June. She said it was extremely difficult to judge as the marks were so close at the top end

Year 1 and 2
1st Place: Stanley 
2nd Place: Sophia
3rd Places Nicholas and Olivia
Highly Commended: Arabella, Pearl and Chloe.

Year 3 and 4
1st Place: Mabel and Henry
2nd Place: Rashdan and Ava
3rd Places: Ethan, Angus and Hudson 
Highly Commended: Harrison, Raksiga and Luca. 

Year 5 and 6
1st Place: Isaac 
2nd Place: Eevee and Grace
3rd Place: Chloe and Leopold 
Highly Commended: Betty, Ruby and Isobel.