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Conservation and education at Howletts

Wild times at Howletts

Year Six enjoyed a great day in the drizzle at Howletts Wild Animal Park. The children started their day with a lecture on animal adaptation from one of the zoo keepers. Building on their existing knowledge, they learned that a range of factors can stimulate a species to evolve both physically and behaviourally.

We were shocked to learn that one elephant is poached every twenty minutes in Africa for their tusks. As it is usually the largest elephants which are hunted and killed, their genes are not being distributed down the chain. As a result, elephants with much smaller tusks are being born, or in some cases with non at all.

We also learned about the amazing conservation work the animal park is doing to prevent the extinction of rhinos in the wild. Howletts have released eight rhinos back into the wild and as a result, these creatures have repopulated, boosting the vast numbers which have been poached for their horns.

Howletts is responsible for 10% of the population of rhinos in Tanzania. After the talk they were free to explore the enclosures spotting many animals including: anteaters, tigers, lions, elephants and lemurs. They were treated to some highly entertaining displays from the gorillas. It seemed they were keen to get up to some 'monkey business' of their own during their session at the play park. Mrs Satish, Rob and I all agree that the children displayed exemplary manners during the trip and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them.

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