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Little Denes Pre-School

Welcome to Little Denes Pre-School

You and your child will receive a warm and friendly welcome at the beginning of your session at Little Denes Pre-School.

Your child’s day will begin with Busy Bee Time, where the children can choose their own activities, supported and guided by their teachers, so that they can gain as much from their play as possible. As the day continues, play becomes more structured, and our teachers guide your child’s learning. Depending on the weather, activities can take place either indoors or outdoors, helping to ensure your child’s constant engagement and stimulation whilst learning.

At the end of each session, your child’s group will review their learning with the class teacher. Then follows quiet story time, giving your child time to settle just in time for you to collect them.

To book a place at Little Denes Pre-School, call 01843 861 176.