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Science and Computer Science

Children benefit from specialist teaching in computer science. Through the Purple Mash framework, they develop a range of skills such as programming, debugging and robotics.  They learn how to use operating software for a variety of purposes.  Most importantly, they learn the importance of E-Safety, how to report cyber bullying and how to protect their online security.  Our E-Safety warriors hold assemblies and run workshops to champion the importance of being safe online.

In science, we firmly believe in student-led, practical enquiry.  Students are given ample opportunities to investigate their hypotheses and to assess their predictions through experimentation.  We focus on outdoor learning wherever possible to achieve this.

Children benefit from a weekly science club run by our STEM Ambassador, Miss Perry.  In addition, we enjoy a range of links with Kent University and Pfizers where our children take part in science workshops and activities.  Our annual science fair is enjoyed by children and parents alike.  This is an incredible, confidence boosting event where children can showcase their scientific know-how in front of a live audience.  We celebrate science week each year and combine this with a trip to the London Science Museum.