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Sports Captains

Being nominated Sports Captain for Haddon Dene this year is an honour.  Sport is such a big part of my life and I have always worked hard to be the best sports-person I can be. I am excited to make a difference in the sporting community and represent Haddon Dene as a School.  This year I will encourage everyone to co-operate with each other, to think together and to stand proud together united as a school. I aim to be a role model at all times both in sport and within the school community.  I hope to motivate others to engage in a positive team spirit, to have fun, to stay healthy and most importantly to never give up trying, even if the going gets tough and the odds are against you. (Xavier)


Thank you to everyone who nominated me to be Sports Captain in my final year at Haddon Dene.  I am delighted to have this position.  I've always wanted this position since Little Denes and to achieve this has been a dream come true!  As you may know, I am extremely passionate about my sports.  In the year ahead, my goal is to support Mrs Crompton and Mrs Dyer in representing Haddon Dene.  I would also like to encourage the younger years to take part in as many sports activities that Haddon Dene provides.  I am looking forward to the year ahead. (Melody)


I am really pleased to be a Sports Captain at this wonderful school.  Sport is the favourite part of my life and I look forward to representing Haddon Dene in the coming year. (Andrew)