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Sports Captains

Head Of Sports


I have been elected for Head of Sports and I am honoured to have this role.  I will help lead the school to victory in sports.  Also, I will work hard with the Deputy Head of School Improvement to enhance the equipment we have.  I will always be the best role model on and off the pitch.  I will ensure I always demonstrate the right sporting values at fixtures.  So, I thank you for putting your trust in me to be your Head of Sports.  



Sports Captains


I am Sports Captain for Haddon Dene School.  I feel really proud to hold the position.  It meant a lot to me because I love sport, so to be Sports Captain is amazing.  Ever since I have heard of Sports Captain, I have always wanted to be one.  


I am grateful for being Sports Captain and I want to be as helpful as I can.  I want to be a very good role model and be the best I can be.  I want to encourage the people that don’t like sport to be the best they can.  I will always be fantastic at sport and Mr Pullman will always be the best.


I have been elected as Vice-Captain of Sport.  I know PE is already a popular sport but I hope my ideas will help make it more enjoyable for people who don’t like it as much.  I aim to be a good role model to people inside and outside of our school who take part in sport.


I feel very happy because you trust me to help with sport and to help people with sport.  I will promise to never let you down because I’m honoured to take this responsibility.  Ever since I had joined the Haddon Dene family, I have looked to be a Sports Captain and I want to help people to be the best versions of themselves.  My job will be to help the teachers and children because if the teachers need help carrying something, I will help them.



I am a Sports Captain for Haddon Dene School.  I am honoured and proud to lead the school for sports because I love sport.  Being Sports Captain has been my dream position since I found the school because sport is just amazing.  I aim to help everyone in sports and help the school raise money to buy more equipment.  Also, I want to help people who don’t enjoy sport to absolutely loving it.