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History of our House System

We have two houses at Haddon Dene – Manners and Vernon.  This system is deeply rooted in our school’s history. 

Miss Olive Vyse founded Haddon Dene in 1929.  She was inspired by Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, a place she visited frequently as a young girl, and so she used this name for her school.  She gave the name of our two houses in honour of Dorothy Vernon who inherited Haddon Hall and later married her husband, John Manners.  They married in 1563 and their family continued to own Haddon Hall throughout their lives.

Children are assigned to a house when they join our school.  They wear a distinct tie as a symbol of their House alignment. 

Each week, children accumulate house points through their hard work and endeavours.  These contribute to weekly house points which are totalled each term, revealing the winners of the coveted House Cup.  Many children liken this experience to being at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books.  The friendly competition between houses motivates the children to try their very best throughout the school day.

Our Year 6 children have the opportunity of being selected for Head of House positions based on their outstanding contribution during their time at our school.


(Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, the source of inspiration for our school name and the home of Dorothy Manners and John Vernon.)