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E-Safety Ambassadors

Hello everyone, I am proud to represent Haddon Dene as the next E-safety Ambassador.  In this role, I will do my best to help teach the younger pupils how to stay safe online.  Because of lockdown, children are spending more time at home and on their devices, which makes them more vulnerable than ever.  It will be my responsibility to give everyone opportunities to learn and grow whilst online, and to reduce any risks.  (Finn)

I am proud to represent Haddon Dene Preparatory School as the E-Safety Ambassador. During my time as E-Safety Ambassador I will give presentations and workshops  to the children and even the parents on how to stay safe whilst browsing the mysterious world of the internet. Due to these strange times almost everyone has resorted to the internet as a way to learn and keep in contact with friends and loved ones. Also, a lot of children under the age of thirteen have joined social media platforms which they are not meant to or allowed to be on. In this role I aim to guide the children on the right path to use the internet and keep the Haddon Dene community safe when it comes to technology. (Leopold)