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Deputy Head Students

At Haddon Dene I have been elected to be a Deputy Head Student.  My goal is to make the school a better place as I’m a School Improvement Deputy Head I am so proud to be Deputy Head because I always wanted an important role from ever since I started at Haddon Dene and now I have achieved it.  I will try my hardest to make the school better and thank you for reading.


I am very proud to be elected for Deputy Head of Student Wellbeing because I really love to help, care and play with the little children of Haddon Dene.  For this forthcoming year, I hope to achieve a point where people can come to a specific place to talk to me about their problems.  Thank you for reading.



I am glad to be elected for Deputy Head of School Values.  I am very honoured to be in the position.  As being Deputy Head of School Values, I hope you are following all the school values.  If you didn’t already know, the school values are respect, resilience, honesty, kindness and forgiveness. I expect you to be following these rules and be on your best behaviour.