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Latest News

Year 5 Go Wild!

This week, Year 5 visited the Powell-Cotton museum at Quex Park. The children had the opportunity to view exhibits of African animals and hear exciting stories of how these creatures were brought to England. When they arrived at the museum, the friendly staff gave a tour and shared the most interesting facts about the pioneer Percy Powell-Cotton.  The children viewed several dioramas, displaying mounted animals against backdrops of their natural habitat.

Throughout the visit, there were a variety of activities including a reenactment of Percy’s encounter with the fearsome lion during his visit to Africa. The children presented their stories with the use of drama and were finally told, with some anticipation, what actually happened between Percy and the lion. Later on, the children put their artistic talents to good use and sketched an exhibit of their choice.  With the sun shining, the children had the chance to roam around the gardens and they finished the day off with an ice cream.