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Canterbury Tales

What a fabulous day for Years 3 and 4 last Thursday. A grey start to the day gave way to beautiful sunshine which shone for the rest of our trip. They took the train to Canterbury, again another first for some children. They walked to Dane John Gardens where the children were able to enjoy their snacks. Afterwards, they headed to the Canterbury tales where they were greeted by characters from medieval times who escorted them through to the beginning of their pilgrimage. The sights and smells were authentic to the era, maybe too authentic in places, phew!
They continued their pilgrimage to Canterbury along the route followed by Chaucer and his companions, each one telling a tale as we went. If you are familiar with the Canterbury Tales, you will appreciate the content of the Tales were perhaps, luckily, appreciated by the adults in the party, rather than the children. Nevertheless, the children enjoyed their pilgrimage, and learned new knowledge along the way. On the train journey back, they were able to reflect on the amazing learning opportunities offered by our varying trips this academic year. What a fantastic time they have had!