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Busy Bee Workshops

Bee Keeping Workshops


Little Denes through to Year Four were lucky enough to attend a presentation by one of our parents, Mr Shaddick, on beekeeping.

The children were able to look at one of his hives, and pass around some honeycomb.  They learnt that all the work was completed by the female bees, whilst the males lazed about.

Part of the female ritual was the bottom wagging to indicate to the others that a good source of pollen and nectar had been located.

Ably assisted by Mr Shaddick, the girls practised their movements and then returned to the hive to clean their Queen (played by their teacher, adorned in a princess tiara!).

The children were very interested and asked some sensible questions.  Thank you, Mr Shaddick, for giving up your time to visit us.

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